Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thing 3

Our RSS feed at home is our link to news. Because we only subscribe to Sunday's New York Times, it is timely and cost-efficient to receive our news 'on our virtual' doorstep...even thousands of miles away from where it is published.

In library land, I'd recommend every staff member having an RSS feed. Sites could differ based on job descriptions and tasks, and the amount of relevant information received would seemingly increase. Most importantly, in this time-crunched work force, useless navigation, searching, and browsing time would be deleted. In my mind, time management is one of the most important aspects of a functioning work space and library. With more (quality) time, we can spend more time on patrons and their needs, interacting and communicating with staff, being aware of the space around us and its needs, etc. etc. etc.

Time is one of our most valuable assets, and worth being spent well.

Thing 2

I initially read these articles a few months ago and revisited them this morning before posting thoughts - I couldn't agree more with John Blyberg's positions and mindset. This 'rhetoric' of 2.0 seems to simply be a title for changes, both technologically and metaphorically in library land and its mindset. Although these changes seem to be met often with fear, doubt, and even anger, I believe none of these emotions are necessary, and the reality of these changes in the field should be gracefully and thoughtfully accepted.
Blyberg's position that the movement of 2.0 also requires changes (or, at least consideration) in a library's mission, on how we handle 'authority' and orthodoxy on all and any levels is timely and applicable - I'm interested to see how the Grand Marais Public Library will evolve with these ideas, and when...
Truly, 2.0 is ACTUALLY happening, and is revolutionary and essential.

Thing 1

Thing one seemed to go fairly smoothly, since I've had a bit of experience with blogs and our personal family blog at home. The avatar, however, made me laugh out loud. Pretty easy to post html on this format, but the time that could be spent altering her outfit, the background, etc. etc. etc. ... quite funny. I can see why this is a popular trend with the younger set - a character that can embody all of your dreams, and change with your mood...